Dr. Mani Subramanian MD

Dr. Mani Subramanian MD, MMI –
Physician Executive High performing physician executive with a passion for healthcare technology and in depth knowledge of Medical Informatics. Mani has an interesting geo-cultural background which spans clinical medicine and Medical Informatics/Healthcare IT. He completed his MD at PSG Institute of Medical Sciences/Research [India] and his Masters in Medical Informatics at Northwestern University [MMI], where his thesis was on bio-banking ; was an Informatics Fellow at the College of American Pathologists [CAP] where he worked on the team to develop the CAP Cancer Checklist based on SNOMED/LOINC terminologies; was a Lead Physician of Informatics at the 11 hospital system in IL, OSF Healthcare, where he led the EHR implementation and optimization of clinical workflows and clinical content [order set, clinical protocols/algorithms] as well as technology integration. At Presence Health [formerly Resurrection Healthcare], Mani was Medical Informatics Officer- Ambulatory Services at the largest Catholic Health System in IL, where he led a 12 hospital system implementation of an enterprise wide EHR, was responsible for: clinical process optimization, clinical content optimization, training, Meaningful Use, PQRS metrics, dashboard creation, Chaired the Physician IT committee [responsible for technology integration,content,processes..etc], Co-chaired/created an EHR Steering Committee, responsible for revenue cycle/financial optimization of clinics/departments and most importantly, responsible for physician engagement and alignment in utilizing new technology. Mani likes to call himself a ‘cultural ambassador’ between the Physician and Health IT/Technology worlds. Most recently, Mani is founder/CEO of V^2 Informatics, a Healthcare Strategy consulting company helping hospital systems and physician groups with new technology integration, EHR optimization, metrics/analytics and data capture. Mani has a keen interest in clinical analytics and its use for improving efficiency and quality of patient care, precision medicine, AR/VR applications in medicine/healthcare and AI and NLP-Machine Learning use cases for various healthcare applications.

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