Acrovirt is meeting existing and emergent needs of humans and animals with the Acro Shine Interface, a proprietary system comprised of sub-dermal implants, wearable devices and platform plug-in software that integrates neural and physiological responses to stimuli in real-world situations in any place.

Our patented technology combines ultra-sensitive detection of brain signals that process cognitive attributes like emotion, decision and learning with biomolecular detection of circulating physiological indicators of attributes like excitement, stress, fitness and fatigue. 

Wireless blue-tooth transfer of multiple data streams enables remote monitoring and analyses using NeuroPype™ software through collaboration with our development partner Intheon Labs, Inc. 

Attendant situational / environmental data collected generates individualized virtual libraries for assessment and prediction of an animal’s well-being, intention and behavior.








The health and safety of all animals is central to our values and imperative to the Acrovirt mission