Acrovirt owns all rights, titles and interest in multiple U.S. Patents, Patent Pendings, international patent applications and other related patent applications, inventions, data, know-how, and proprietary information (collectively, “The Acrovirt IP”).

The Acrovirt IP is directed towards subdermal implants and wearable devices for animals, with technologies that capture and analyze individual neurological, physiological, temporal, and contextual data, and for leveraging machine learning, BCI, AI and IOT platforms to analyze and interpret these data to assess and predict well-being, intention and behavior in companion, service, research animals, animal husbandry / livestock and/or conservation wildlife.

These core technologies and their further development can be potentially transformative across multiple market sectors. Our novel and innovative methods disclosed by the Acrovirt IP provide powerful tools with which to gain insight into user/subject preferences, impulses and reactions in real-time, guiding personalized understanding and/or prediction with surgical precision. Our technology is ready-to-implement with Acrovirt’s proprietary products or integrated with other established technologies.