Acrovirt owns all rights, titles and interest in multiple U.S. Patents, Patent Pendings, international patent applications and other related patent applications, inventions, data, know-how, and proprietary information (collectively, “The Acrovirt IP”).

The Acrovirt IP is directed towards wearable devices, methods for capturing and analyzing individual neurological, physiological, and temporal data, and for leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret these data for predicting human behavior and emotion and can also be used for pets and other vertebrate animals. These core technologies and their further development can be potentially transformative in multiple industries. For example, our novel and innovative methods disclosed by the Acrovirt IP provide powerful tools for companies to gain insight to customer preferences, impulses and reactions in real time, guiding personalized marketing with surgical precision. Our technology is ready-to-implement today with Acrovirt’s own products or integrated with other established technologies.