Machine Learning a Key Ingredient for Startups

A.l. Machine learning has caught the attention of venture capitalists, but in the form of individual startups to fund. Investors are looking for strong machine learning technology underlying the products of young companies across a range of markets, said venture capitalists at the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Network conference.

The Wall Street Journal

It’s Time to Take AI Seriously

“Consider, then, today’s hot trend: Artificial intelligence. Venture capitalists across the country are parroting the phrase “AI is the new mobile.”

AI startups are ready to take on Fortune 500

Google and Apple Search for AI and Clouds

Technology changes are some of the fastest moving in any sector. Every day things get invented that help what got invented last week better, but there are definite trends in the tech marketplace that large companies cannot ignore. These articles by Fortune highlight a big piece of a trend in Artificial Intelligence acquisitions by Alphabet (Google) and Apple in recent months.

Startups prove successful at Qualcomm Institute

Qualcomm Institute launched the Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space (QIIS), a new type of incubator, in 2015. Acrovirt is now situtated in this same technology commercializing hub formed in recongnition of the growing importance of industry connections.