Our digital interface combined with our ultra-high sensitivity micro-sensors and in-ear EEG enable us to create unique virtual emotion libraries from brain, body and contextual signals that predict human responses in real-time. This takes emotional prediction to the next level of accuracy!

  • Increases the precise spectrum of consumer information
  • Organic neural and physiological data is even more accurate when combined with AI
  • Significantly enhance tools like adwords and other competitor brand bidding 




The following dials represent different measurable response to specific stimulus, (i.e.: Biological, Temporal, Geospatial, Verbal and Facial recognition), which when combined, give a quantitative score on how timely and how likely a person is to engage shown to the right as “P1”.

Use case: Consumer’s brain and physiological response showing interest and time to purchase a new jacket while online shopping. Under this scenario the consumer would be buying from immediately to 1 week.







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US Patent

Generating and Using a Predictive Virtual Personification

Disclaimer ** All images, charts, graphs and dials on this page and the following pages are for example purposes only and may or may not represent actual testing results.