Our patented computer interface creates a virtual human emotion library to any stimulus. This will significantly enhance tools like adwords, search engines and other competitor sales tools with a more precise spectrum of consumer information with brain and physiological data that is organic, true and accurate.



Acrovirt collects unique data from users which once combined is able to predict accurately if and when a user will engage.


The following dials represent different measurable response to specific stimulus, (i.e.: Biological, Temporal, Geospatial, Verbal and Facial recognition), which when combined, give a quantitative score on how timely and how likely a person is to engage shown to the right as “P1”.

Use case: Consumer’s brain and physiological response showing interest and time to purchase a new jacket while online shopping. Under this scenario the consumer would be buying from immediately to 1 week.







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US Patent

Generating and Using a Predictive Virtual Personification

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